Company Overview

Robert S. Shotts, Inc.

Robert S. Shotts, Inc. (Shotts, Inc.) was established in 1994 as Shotts & Associates. In 1995 the company was incorporated as Shotts & Hofman, Inc. and contunued until 1998 when the company became Robert S. Shotts, Incorporated (Shotts, Inc.).  Shotts, Inc. is incorporated in the state of Missouri and licensed by the Missouri Board for Architects, Professional Engineers, Professional Land Surveyors, and Landscape Architects (Missouri Board).  We hold corporate certificates of authority for land surveying & landscaping architecture. Our staff includes two licensed Professional Land Surveyors, and Robert Shotts, in addition to being licensed as a professional land surveyor, is also licensed as a landscape architect.

Shotts, Inc.’s licensed personnel have over 30 years experience in land surveying and landscape architecture. Our professional land surveyors are currently licensed in Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Illinios, and Colorado. Robert Shotts is licensed as a landscape architect in Missouri, Kansas, and Arkansas and is also a certified floodplain manager.

Shotts, Inc. is a veteran owned business.

Ruble, Riggs, & Shotts, LLC

Ruble, Riggs & Shotts, LLC (RRS) was formed in 2001 by its three managers, Craig Ruble, Ralph Riggs and Robert Shotts. Robert Shotts is the majority owner of the company which was formed in the state of Missouri. The company has a staff of six licensed professional land surveyors who are licensed in Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Illionios, Colorado and Oklahoma. The sole practice of the company is land surveying, and it has a corporate certificate of authority from the Missouri Board as well as the Arkansas Board.

RRS specializes in large PLSS retracement surveys for governmental agencies. In addition RRS conducts training seminars for land surveyors in the area of the retracement of the original federal surveys in Missouri.

RRS is a veteran owned business.

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